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Which aspects of trust are most significant?

Even a casual review of the literature on trust reveals a cacophony of issues on the subject. From the list below, which one to three issues would you consider most significant
– to you as an information professional
– to you as a consumer of information
when evaluating a website? Why?

– The privacy policy maintained by a website that asks for personal information
– The presence of a logo from a third party organization certifying a site is trustworthy, such as Verisign
– The interests of an electronic retailer in mining data on the information behavior of visitors to its own website
– The interests of an electronic retailer in monitoring data on the information behavior of Internet users in general
– The influence of the blogosphere on a public’s willingness to trust a piece of information
– The environment rich with personal data created by social networking sites such as MySpace, Xanga, Friendster, or LinkedIn
– How perceptions of trust change from culture to culture

Here are some articles relating to this question:

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