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Does trust differ with international professionals?

What is trust?

  • Freedom of information
  • Information should be free flowing in the world
  • In developing countries, people trust the people that they know. Not used to searching for information in formal information sources. Tend to ask people that we know, even with the knowledge that they may not be the expert or an authority.
    response: as a librarian, tend to think about trust in terms of information sources we consult, but not as often if the information sources are trustworthy to the patronresponse: Brown found that scientists would consult colleagues rather than search for information in journals or databases.

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November 7, 2006 at 6:58 pm

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Role of information professionals in helping patrons assess trust?

ASIST 2006
General Discussion

  • Educate and give information about security and privacy problems to patrons;
  • Learn more about trust ourselves;
  • try to understand patrons perspective, cultural and otherwise;
  • People need to be wary of sources — check facts, even of sources you think are trusted;
  • In creating information systems, ensure information is secure;
  • “Librarian’s like to search and everyone else likes to find”. As librarians we are inclined to find the most accruate, timely information. However, depending on information need, a thorough, exhaustive search is not always necessary. This method may wind up pushing people away (e.g. Wikipedia for quick and dirty information about a topic;

    response: most patrons can find the quick and dirty information, so if they come to information professionals, it is our responsibility tin enculcate idea that accuracy is important
    response: leads to a marketing opportunity for us to teach patrons the value of quality informationresponse:Credibility is decreased if don’t give patrons the correct answer from the start
    response: is it our responsibility to find the best information or train patrons to find and assess information (i.e. self-reliance and responsiblity). We have to stop picking on/dismiss Google and give patrons tools to find good informationresponse: key is to instill awareness of assessing a quality information source

  • Is information good information or the best information?
    Example: when buying a car, consult Consumer Reports but another person will only want to be sure front seat is comfortable.
    response: speaks to information needs and fundamentals of a reference interview
    response: patrons may avoid a librarian who spends too much time finding the *perfect* piece of informationresponse: Democracy of trust is exemplified with Google’s popularity. The more people use a source, the more it is trusted

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November 7, 2006 at 6:53 pm

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