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Welcome to the SIG-III blog

The Special Interest Group for International Information Issues (SIG-III, part of the American Society for Information Science and Technology) maintains this blog as a means for communicating with members, colleagues, and others interested in international information issues — in other words the global flow of information, and how people from different countries and cultural backgrounds think about and use information differently.

I (Aaron Bowen, your blog administrator) regularly post articles on different aspects of this topic — current news on information access and use in different countries, as well as related social issues such as globalization, the digital divide, and censorship. Specific examples of these articles include social networks in different countries and how people use them differently, or censorship and subversion on the Web in modern China. In addition to facilitating blog discussion on international information issues, SIG-III members have a live discussion of them every year in the Global Information Village Plaza, part of the ASIS&T Annual Meetings.

Each header on each post is a hyperlink. Clicking it will take you to a page with the original post and all discussion comments that have been added.

We welcome your views! While we reserve the right to remove posts we deem to be spam or malicious in nature, we do not place restrictions on what you may post and we welcome all ideas. Thanks for taking a look at the blog and for contributing your thoughts!

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