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Two library and technology projects in Guatemala

Going through the archives of the excellent Global Voices citizen journalism website, I saw this post by Renata Avila. Renata describes a pair of projects underway in Guatemala — one developing library services for children, and the other implementing technology in Guatemalan schools.

Somewhat similar to Chile’s BiblioRedes project, The library project is called Caldo de Piedra. In their words, they are

…A charity that manages and stocks children’s libraries. These libraries are operated by parents and the community in support of local public and private schools to help girls and boys discover that learning is part of their lives. We believe in education in its broadest sense, where books are at the heart of an array of creative and artistic projects that engage children in a love of learning.

Edulibre’s website is written in Spanish, but Renata provides a translation of their mission statement:

Edulibre is a project by volunteers, professionals and students wishing to improve the access to technology for elementary school kids. Each of them gives their time by helping in different areas of the non- profit project.

They also maintain an Edulibre blog here.

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